About this project

It's almost ten years since the last major overhaul of these pages. Hence I thought it might be time for a change.
Version 3 of my homepage sticks to simple HTML and a layout designed employing pure CSS.
A straightforward main navigation is supplemented where needed by an in-depth left hand navigation bar allowing direct access to all content. I hope you will find this easy and convenient to use.
In the process of revamping the whole project, the German pages (plus some obsolete content) are gone for good. Simply because I can't no longer afford maintaining both versions.

This homepage has been created using HMTL Editor Phase 5.3. It should look fine and work with all current browsers with decent suppport of CSS. For image processing Photoshop Elements and Irfanview have been employed. Occasional slideshows will be created with WOW Slider.
All depicted images belong to the author, unless otherwise indicated. I don't take responsibility for the validity of information, links, etc.; nevertheless I will be pleased to correct flaws if you notify me! So feel free to drop me a line...

If you are curious to learn how the former releases of this web project did actually look, take a glimpse at Version 2 or the original, frame-based Version 1.

This private website is non-profit; the links provided in a few places are for informational and educational purposes only. The links section has been discontinued as of June 2015.

Wolfgang Helmreich, Munich – June 2015 (last edited March 2022)

Note regarding European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements, and similiar privacy regulations for that matter

This private, free-of-charge homepage does not collect and process any user data whatsoever! It doesn't even use cookies, though it carries a SSL certificate as of late.
That said, enjoy the content. And if you actively want to get in touch, you need to send me an old school E-mail (see reference below).