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Summary of Orion missions

Note Scheduled and ongoing missions are highlighted in italics, respectively; NET = No earlier than.
Throughout tables the European time format (day/month/year) is used; all times are UTC.

Last update: 6 May 2022

Mission Crew Mission duration (crew) Landing site Purpose / mission highlights / noticeable events
no. designation vehicle (callsign) (up/down) lift-off landing    
Artemis I Orion CM-002 NET Aug 2022   Pacific Ocean formerly Exploration Mission-1
Artemis II Orion CM-003 (Artemis 2) 4 NET May 2024 NET Jun 2024 Pacific Ocean first crewed mission, planned lunar flyby; formerly Exploration Mission-2
Artemis III Orion CM-004 (Artemis 3) 4 NET 2025 NET 2025 Pacific Ocean first crewed moon landing mission of the Artemis programme
Artemis IV (Artemis 4)   NET 2026   Pacific Ocean assembly mission of the lunar Gateway Space Station
Artemis V (Artemis 5)   NET 2027   Pacific Ocean second crewed moon landing with stop at Gateway Space Station