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23 June 2024


Manned spaceflight

More than 63 years of manned spaceflight since Juri Gagarin's epic journey into low Earth orbit on 12 April 1961 have seen 605 humans flying aboard spaceships ranging from simple capsules to complex orbiters, and then back to reliable capsules. We shall see what the future brings with SpaceX's Starship on the horizon.

As of June 2024, the following crewed space missions have been recorded:

Vehicle / spacecraft Number of Crew Space station dockings * Country of origin Manufacturer Launcher Remarks
  missions crew max. successful failed        
Starliner 1 2 7 1 0 USA Boeing Atlas V first flight 05-Jun-2024
Crew Dragon 13 46 7 12 0 USA SpaceX Falcon 9 first flight 30-May-2020
Soyuz MS 24 71 3 22 1 Russia Energia Soyuz-FG / Soyuz-2.1a first flight 07-Jul-2016
Shenzhou 13 38 3 10 0 China CASC Long March 2F first flight 15-Oct-2003
Soyuz TMA/TMA-M 42 126 3 42 0 Russia Korolev Soyuz-FG first flight 30-Oct-2002
Soyuz TM 33 90 3 33 0 Soviet Union / Russia Korolev Soyuz-FG first flight 05-Feb-1987
Space Shuttle 135 810 8 46 0 USA Rockwell International STS first flight 12-Apr-1981
Soyuz T 15 38 3 14 1 Soviet Union Korolev Soyuz-FG first flight 05-Jun-1980 **
Apollo CSM (LM) 15 (7) 45 (16) 3 (2) 3 0 USA North American Aviation Saturn IB / Saturn V first flight 11-Oct-1968
Soyuz 38 77 3 19 5 Soviet Union Energia Soyuz (11A511) first flight 23-Apr-1967
Gemini 10 20 2 USA McDonnell Aircraft Titan II GLV first flight 23-Mar-1965
Voskhod 2 5 3 Soviet Union OKB-1 Voskhod (11A57) first flight 12-Oct-1964
Mercury 6 6 1 USA McDonnell Aircraft Mercury-Redstone / Atlas LV-3B first flight 05-May-1961
Vostok 6 6 1 Soviet Union OKB-1 Vostok-K (8K72K) first ever manned spaceflight 12-Apr-1961
Total  353 1,384   202 7        
* Salyut 1, Skylab, Salyut 3-7, Mir, International Space Station (ISS), Tiangong-1/-2, Tiangong Space Station      ** Soyuz T-15 achieved three successful dockings with two stations (Mir and Salyut 7)

The Space Traveller Log, in three parts, provides an overview of all men and women who ventured into space whether for just one day, a full trip to the moon, or a months-long stay aboard one of the Space Stations orbiting our planet.

The current sixth generation of active spacecraft comprises:

The next generation of versatile spacecraft systems in the making:

The third to fifth generation space systems that have been retired included:

The first and second generation spacecraft which, among other things achieved the moon landings as well as a set of successful dockings with early space stations, became the pioneers of manned space travel:

Before the first US space travellers managed to orbit Earth, they briefly hopped into space on Suborbital astronaut wings flights aboard the famous, rocket-powered X-15 research aircraft, and early Mercury missions. Eventually back in 2004, first test flights of the privately-funded SpaceShipOne project, presumably paved the way for Space tourism in the 21st century.