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Summary of Shenzhou missions

Note Scheduled and ongoing missions are highlighted in italics, respectively.
Throughout tables the European time format (day/month/year) is used; all times are UTC.

Last update: 19 January 2017

Mission Crew Mission duration (crew) Landing site Purpose / mission highlights / noticeable events
no. designation (up/down) lift-off landing    
1 15/10/2003 15/10/2003 Inner Mongolia first taikonaut ("yuhangyuan") – the Chinese equivalent to American astronauts and Russian cosmonauts – who flew in space; SZ-5 circled the Earth for 14 orbits before making the re-entry
2 12/10/2005 16/10/2005 Inner Mongolia first Chinese two-man mission
3 25/09/2008 28/09/2008 Inner Mongolia first Chinese three-man mission
3 / 3 16/06/2012 29/06/2012 Inner Mongolia three-person crew with first Chinese female taikonaut; first docking to Tiangong 1 space module
3 / 3 11/06/2013 26/06/2013 Inner Mongolia three-person crew with second Chinese female taikonaut; second docking to Tiangong 1 space module
2 / 2 17/10/2016 18/11/2016 Inner Mongolia two-person crew; first docking to Tiangong 2 space station